Second annual CSAR photo contest

In Public by Anna Debattiste

CSAR members, it’s time for the annual photo contest!  The top three winners in each category will go on CSAR’s website and social media channels with credit to the photographer and a cash prize.  Here are the categories and awards:

  • Best mission/training photo 
    • 1st place $100
    • 2nd place $30
    • 3rd place $20
  • Best interagency photo
    • 1st place $100
    • 2nd place $30
    • 3rd place $20
  • Best photo showing internal teamwork
    • 1st place $100
    • 2nd place $30
    • 3rd place $20
  • Best rescue-related photo from a non-SAR member
    • 1st place $100
    • 2nd place 30
    • 3rd place 20
  • Entries are open until August 30.  Winners will be announced by September 16th.
  • Member entries may come from any level of CSAR membership, including SAR team member, sheriff’s office or associate member.
  • Non-member entries can come from any member of the public, as long as they are rescue-related.
  • The photo should be fairly recent (in future we may run another contest for historical photos).
  • Each individual will be able to submit 1 entry per category, for a total of 3 submissions. 
  • The same photo can be submitted for no more than 2 categories. 
  • Participants will be required to submit a short blurb with each photo explaining the circumstances of the mission or event.
  • The contest will be judged by the IT committee chair Ben Wilson, public information and education committee chair Anna DeBattiste, and Matthew Eric Lit, a Colorado-based professional photographer.  Any voting ties will be broken by CSAR vice president Jonathan Wiley.
  • CSAR reserves the right to use photos from the photo contest on the CSAR website. (they will not be used for anything else without your permission)
  • Please submit via email to

Judging Criteria

  • Adherence/appropriateness to theme
  • Originality
  • Clarity of expression
  • Entertainment quality
  • Overall artistic impression
  • Audience appeal