Across Colorado for Search and Rescue:

Approximate Annual Search & Rescue Incidents
Approximate Annual Incident Hours
Approximate Annual Volunteer Hours

The statistics on this page are primarily generated from the dedication of volunteer members from the roughly 50 Colorado backcountry search and rescue teams who are members of CSAR. These teams respond, at the request of law enforcement, to incidents on the eastern plains; our urban and suburban areas; the soaring peaks, cliff walls, and roaring rivers of the rocky mountains; and the deserts and canyons of our western slope.

Training new members and maintaining skills and teamwork is vital to safely responding to these incidents. A backcountry search and rescue incident may be canceled quickly or take weeks to resolve. An incident may be completed by local responders or require a response from across the state. Teams with specialized skills or tools are sometimes needed and the use of helicopters is occasionally warranted. At times, backcountry SAR teams work closely with park rangers, sheriff deputies, firefighters, guide services, ski patrollers, or a host of other partner agencies. These statistics are our attempt to synthesize the very diverse field of backcountry search and rescue in Colorado into figures and graphics that help you understand how we serve and support our communities.

 Percent of total hours per activity

*Please note, "Total Volunteer Hours" does not include ~400,000hrs/year of on-call duty. Also, The category "Other" includes but is not limited to gear and facility upkeep.