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CSAR Basic Search management Class

7 Thursday night Remote/Online Sessions from 6-9: September 22nd - November 3rd. In-person practicum to be held at a TBD Colorado Mountain College Campus: November 5th and 6th. $175 attendance fee - Included text: Managing the Land Search Operation. Recommended Text/Mobile App: Lost Person Behavior.

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Course Description

The CSAR Basic Search Management course is runs remotely for 7 weeks every Thursday night from 6-9pm, with an in-person practicum on the weekend ending the course. The class is designed to familiarize students with a bigger picture understanding of searches, focus and practice in the management roles of a search, along with getting students to think about the management handoff, and multi-day search events. 

  • Manage a search effort for single or multiple missing or lost persons from incident start-up through hand-off for the second operational period.
  • Participate as an overhead team member on a search incident for a missing or lost person.
  • Understand the importance of a written preplan for a successful and effective search incident. 
  • Understand fundamental legal and jurisdictional issues pertaining to search incidents.
  • Be capable of investigating a search incident including gathering searching data and planning data.
  • Be familiar with the basic types of search resources and discuss their function and limitations. 
  • Understand the importance and methods used to utilize PLBs, Satellite Messengers, and Cell Phone Forensics.
  • Demonstrate the ability to create a search Incident Action Plan (IAP) including determining urgency, setting objectives, determining strategies and initiating tactics.
  • Understand  Reflex Tasking strategies that are based on Lost Person Behavior categories. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to establish a workable and realistic probable search area and searchable subdivisions in a search management exercise.
  • Demonstrate the ability to record incident progress utilizing appropriate ICS forms and mapping techniques. 
  • Understand the mechanism and detail required for hand-off to the incoming second operational period management team.


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